From Cape Town drive up Kloof Nek Road, follow the road over the traffic circle into Camps Bay Drive. Follow the road down, past Prima, Ravensteyn avenues on left, next left on mountain side, is Fiskaal. Keep left after turning into Fiskaal, go up in a spiral, Fiskaal ends in cul de sac to left, then Francolin starts.

Go up in spiral, come to big open space on left hand side, in front is end of Francolin Road to the left. The villa is the first house at the beginning of the cul de sac, on the mountain side, at the corner, at the beginning of Theresa Avenue. See Camps Bay Villa sign, 48 Francolin Road. The entrance is on the corner to the right, against the mountain side.

When using the map, do not turn right to Sea Point at the Harbour/Waterfront traffic light, go straight across towards cable car Kloof Nek arrows!


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